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On October 13th 2008, Road Safety Day, the European Road Safety Institute (Eu.Ro.Sa.In.) was created.


EuRoSaInThe date was carefully selected to reinforce the aim of the Institute.


Road Safety is a fundamental objective of human society because it involves the most valuable assets: the lives and safety of people. It's primary goal of social and economic state, and this affects the liability of owners or managers of the roads authorities.


Improve and maintain road safety can make DIRECT and ECONOMIC intervening on infrastructure, signage, plants, works, supplies and functional furnishings, both existing and new works.


Road and Projects Certification is a growing requirement in the European Community.


As the built and natural environments are constantly evolving, operating, service and structural parameters of a road can change abruptly (new buildings, new accesses, vegetation growth, weathering of signals, changes of traffic patterns and flows, etc.). Thus roads have to be the object of periodic monitoring and surveys.


For these reasons it is necessary to certify any road project or existing layout.


Eu.Ro.Sa.In. head quarters are in Switzerland, operative offices are in Italy and the institute operates all over Europe. The Institute main objectives are to foster and enhance road safety leading to reducing the occurrence of road accidents and mitigate their consequences.